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There are other travelling means than just by boat and plane. Traveling by the train and railway is a joyous trip in itself. Railway rides should be considered more than a method of transport going from A to B. There are scenic railway rides out there that are awe-inspiring and out of the ordinary.

Though the scenic railway rides captivates the guest in a unique experience. This sort of laidback experience can run from a couple of hours to over a few days relying upon the course picked. With prices ranging from the couple of hundreds to tens of thousands, you can pick the correct trip for you. It takes you on a journey and adventure in comfort.

The Rocky Mountaineer is considered on the best train experiences in the world. With gorgeous scenery and lavish amenities it is a trip to adore.

Take A Seat In The Rocky Mountaineer

The first ever Rocky Mountaineer railway ride was in the early 1990’s. The railway journey weaves around the stunning country of Canada, through the majestic mountains, profound canyons, and glamouring lakes. The Rocky Mountaineer courses can leave from Seattle, Vancouver, Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper or Calgary. Each journey has their own unique sights, guests can opt for the full circle or short trips to get between destinations. 

Moving at about 45 km an hour, guests are able to elegantly glide across the terrains and weave alongside canyons. The perk of this experience is that you can get up close and personal with many views and sights and wouldn’t need the hiking shoes for it. Though for those that want to take it to another level, they can jump off at one of the stops and explore.

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Breakfast, lunch and refreshments are also included within the ride, but with an extra upgrade, guests can go for a Silver service that gives a better view of the area with liquor. While the Gold service offers a luxurious seating carriage for those that want to be pampered. What’s more, by night, you can get yourself in an extravagant hotel bed, resting up for the long laidback day trip ahead.

Not only that, you can’t forget the staff – they are rated some of the best customer service experiences for the industry. Keeping guests well-fed, well-watered and highlighting notable fauna.

This railway experience opens a world of magnificence through the perfect view, giving a chance to be immersed with each stop. Make sure to explore the vast national parks at Vancouver as an end goal or en route and make sure to visit and nearby landmarks.

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There are splendid rail tour deals all around the globe that gives you a chance to unwind and appreciate the smooth and relaxed outing, grasping all the beautiful views en route, with outstanding meals and drinks. This is one luxurious travel experience to be added to the list.