Here goes some tips that you should avoid while traveling.

  1. Don’t make defamatory remarks or jokes concerning the French military history or the intended French cowardice. Many individuals you will certainly satisfy have grandparents who combated or died throughout WW2 and also they won’t take it well if you suggest they are cowards. Some other clichés regarding the French (negligence, constantly whining, strikes, socialism, etc.) are much less touchy and could be joked on and/or questioned (with broad-minded people at least), yet please leave army background alone.
  2. Do not think we agree with exactly what the federal government or some famous French person claimed or did. This holds true for many nations, however really, criticizing the federal government resembles a national sport in France. Whatever and also whoever the existing federal government is.
  3. Don’t make use of an auto except if you mean to see the countryside. Public transportation in as well as in between cities is efficient, rapid and also fairly inexpensive. By comparison, owning in huge cities (particularly Paris) is unpleasant, sluggish and auto parking is a consistent problem.
  4. If you are a vegan, don’t anticipate much recognition regarding that. Inform individuals you visit and also beware in which dining establishments you go. Very few people are vegan in France compared to a few other nations, and although the scenario is slowly enhancing, the awareness and acceptance of it are still rather bad. Some older individuals specifically could consider it a “strange” or perhaps radical behavior, as well as you need to not think there will certainly be a vegan choice in all restaurants.
  5. Stay clear of speaking about money, incomes and salaries, and also if you do, definitely don’t state any type of numbers. For instance you could inform you give up a job because you were underpaid, however you should not state just how much specifically. There are old taboos about speaking of money in the French society, many people consider it a “dirty” topic as well as in several households also family members will certainly not review it. And naturally if you are wealthy, don’t brag about it as well as do not flaunt. Some other societies admire people who are overtly rich, however in France it will primarily obtain you jealousy and also anger.
  6. In general you should possibly prevent starting a conversation on political sights with someone you don’t know well. As odd as it may seem, some people consider it a private inquiry as well as do not wish to discuss it. This is not the instance for everybody, though, but you ought to most likely allow them make the first relocation or at least take care.
  7. Don’t expect most people to understand English or your residence language. The French instructional system misbehaves at showing international languages, with a too much focus on analysis as well as writing compared to conversational skills. Lots of older individuals will just know a little bit of negative as well as greatly accented English and/or possibly German or Spanish. The situation is much better with younger people, however even they typically will not be extremely efficient.